Hot Moves (1985) Four friends vow to lose their virginity while ogling women on Venice Beach.

Theme Song: For some odd reason hair-jock-metal band Raven wrote a theme song for this movie. Some other quality original tunes, most written by Lou Forestieri, also appear.

“Men of the Year” written by Forestieri and performed by Bill Scott.

“Please Baby Love Me” performed by Chuck Strong & The Automatic.
I can’t really find out any other information on these songs, but here they are for your listening pleasure.

Interesting Dated References: The pinnacle of sexiness being a lack of tan lines. I will never understand why this was desirable. As a tan is temporary, it isn’t even a final state of evolution. So you desire a person who is comfortable enough with their body they will tan nude? Or you are that opposed to variations in skin tone? You desire a person who has enough time to tan nude on a daily basis in order to maintain an even skin pigment?

Best Line: None.

Social Context: Although covering well-worn territory (teen-sex-comedy), Hot Moves has an innocent charm and puts honest effort into the story. It’s not merely a collection of slapstick sex skits loosely strewn together (like Hot Chili), and the acting is genuine. The film is directed by Jim Sotos (Forced Entry, Sweet 16, Beverly Hills Brats).

Summary: Michael and his buddies sit on the beach, ogle women, and talk about their desire to have sexual relations with them. Frustrated and bonered up, the friends vow to lose their virginities over the summer

Holy shit, there are a lot of Venice Beach montages in this movie and they’re incredible: rollerskaters, breakdancers, bodybuilders, ‘80s chicks wearing ‘80s swimsuits, people juggling and shit. It’s insane.

After some hijinks and misunderstandings, the guys all end up going on a group date with a few ladies and start pairing off to perform intercourse of a sexual nature.

Michael, upset he’s cheating on his prude girlfriend Julie Ann (Jill Schoelen, The Stepfather, Popcorn), chickens out and goes home. As stated, all the other dudes get down.

Michael and Julie Ann reconcile and we can assume they have awkward sex later that day. Then all the buddies sit around and reminisce about how they used to be virgins.

Worth Mentioning:
– Seriously, the Venice Beach footage and general beach scenes are solid gold.

– Virgil Frye (father of Soleil Moon Frye) appears as the proprietor of a porn shop the guys go to in order to procure condoms because apparently that was the only place to get condoms in the 80s.

– Nice sign outside the porn store:

– Monique Gabrielle (Bachelor Party, Deathstalker II, Problem Child 3, Bad Girls IV, Emmanuelle 5) is the woman on the group date who pairs off with Barry (Private School).

– For those who care, there are boobs in this movie, including a scene of a bunch of women running together on a nude beach because that’s what goes on at nude beaches. It’s women all just running very slowly.

Poster and Box Art: Hot Moves has a great and iconic cover image. If you were at the video store with your mom she would totally push you very quickly past the section of video boxes that looked like this. Once she was distracted flirting with the video store clerk, you could usually slip back to that area and try to sneak a few peeks at the large shapeless ‘80s-style buttocks that adorned the covers.

Availability: Released on Blu-ray by Code Red, but currently out of print and going for like $40 on Amazon. Used VHS on eBay are your safest bet, though that market is totally fucked at the moment because every dildo within a 10-mile radius of a thrift store thinks they can make enough money to pay rent on their shitty apartment by selling tapes for $20 each.

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  • Our american society doesnt seem to give much of a hoot about takeing care of themselves or sencse of pride in their appearance anymore. I used to know a girl with no tan lines who would regularly tan in the nude at chris cunninghams house. She was the best. I think about her everyday.

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