Hot Chili (1985) Another teen sex comedy involving buddies at a resort.

Theme Song: There is a lot of original music, which I did not bother to record because it is overloaded with saxophones. There’s also a song that says, “Body Shop,” over and over and over for like 20 minutes and it makes absolutely no fucking sense in the context of the movie.

Interesting Dated References: Peak sexiness as defined by a lack of tan lines because that somehow made you promiscuous as opposed to predisposed to skin cancer in or around your genitals.

Best Line: None.

Social Context: Hot Chili is a 1985 Cannon Films production about the sexcapades of friends working at an exotic resort. This is not to be confused with Hot Resort, a 1985 Cannon Films production about the sexcapades of friends working at an exotic resort. Cannon was definitely trying to flood the market, and somehow Hot Chili is less memorable than all of the other sex comedies I’ve seen recently.

Ricky and company are excited for a summer spent working abroad. We know this because there are voiceovers of Ricky writing letters to his parents throughout the movie. He and all his friends get into various slapstick sexual situations.

Yes, there are boobs, terrible original songs, more boobs, misunderstandings, some bondage, and more misunderstandings.

Eventually Ricky’s parents arrive, and during a large dinner party everyone decides they should cheat on their significant other. However, nobody counted on Ricky’s precocious sister filming all of these trysts, somehow editing all the tape together, and playing them at breakfast the next morning.

If you were watching this scene with someone who had a shit sense of humor they would do that thing unfunny people do where they go, “awwwk-warrrd,” and laugh their asses off because their reference points for humor are shitty sitcoms and terrible movies.

Then everyone goes to the running of the bulls and doesn’t have to face any consequences for their miserable actions.

Worth Mentioning:
– Poorly written and directed by William Sachs (Galaxina, The Incredible Melting Man).

– There’s only one scene where people eat chili. I can’t even remember if anyone gets sick or anything because my life is in shambles and I literally can’t focus on anything.

– There was a time in the 80s when the media tried to convince everyone that the ideal “sexy butt” was one where there was no line between the buttock and the thigh, as if it was just one smooth meat casing with no proper butt cheek. No one has ever been brought to trial for this, but it was fucking disgusting.

Poster and Box Art: My Betamax is a Cannon/MGM bookbox. The cover is a terrible hybrid of photo and airbrush and it’s gross.

Availability: I think this is out on DVD, but I don’t know for sure because it’s impossible to research this movie without being inundated by Red Hot Chili Peppers live DVDs.


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