TERRIFIC SEX: THE DR. RUTH VIDEO (1985) Dr. Ruth presents a lovely instructional sex tape.

terrificsex_betaboxTheme Song: The soothing sound of Dr. Ruth blathering on and on about getting gang banged and masturbating.

Interesting Dated References: Simultaneous orgasm.

Best Line: All of them.

Social Context: It’s an instructional tape for better sex, so really the whole thing has a social context.

Summary: Section one: FOREPLAY. Dr. Ruth defines foreplay as touching, flirting, enjoying each others company, etc. She doesn’t characterize foreplay as getting drunk on Miller Lite at a sports bar then booty dancing with someone. She’s pretty much explaining typical stuff that should be common sense if you love someone.

Section two: MASTURBATION. Dr. Ruth advocates that masturbation is okay. She says kids, elderly, even married couples should do it. She’s even advocating a little bit of ass play for guys. This is all so bizarre, she’s just walking around the woods talking to the camera. The guys holding the boom mic and the camera were probably laughing their asses off. They also softened up the talk by putting some soft flute behind it.

Section three: ORGASM. Ruth’s logic is that an orgasm is like a sneeze. Then she switches to this hilarious “therapy” session where she workshops with people who are obviously actors. The woman with whom she is talking can’t have orgasms with men, but can manually. Section four: POSITIONS. Again, this is all common sense.

She says to try all kinds of positions and what not, complete with drawings!

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This is really going better than expected. Oddly enough, she includes oral sex in this section. I guess it’s a position, but it seems like nowadays oral sex would get its own section.


There’s still something weird about this woman saying the words “missionary,” “cunnilingus,” and “elation.”

Next up is section six: FANTASY. Somehow in here she mentioned Bruce Springsteen and I became totally disoriented. She also cites a fantasy of, “Being on a construction site high above the city and getting passed around from one hard hat to another.” Actual quote! I know you don’t believe me but I don’t feel like recording it to prove it to you. Her main point here though is that fantasies should remain as such and you shouldn’t act them out.

Moving on, Dr. Ruth does another special therapy session about premature ejaculation with some guy named Tony. Let’s take a look at Tony:


I’m really surprised Tony went through the steps to show off his chest hair, yet didn’t accessorize with an Italian Horn necklace. Regardless, Tony talks about his problem. Dr. Ruth tells him to learn to stop himself right before ejaculation and then start again. When Tony returns for his second session, he’s wearing some type of Blade Runner-Cosby Show sweater hybrid:


In closing, Dr. Ruth wraps up her thoughts. Aside from that awkward moment when she was on a swing set talking about sex and there was clearly a bunch of kids on the swings next to her, the tape was very informative. How about this though:


Poster and Box Art: There’s not much to say about this cover art.

Availability: Used VHS on Amazon.

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