SOMETHING SHORT OF PARADISE (1979) Post-Annie Hall love story about independent and lonely adults.

somethingshort_usposterTheme Song: Oddly enough, there are two and neither of them are named. Like, they aren’t even listed in the credits. Someone was pissed off.

Interesting Dated References: Answering machines as new technology that really frustrates and annoys people.

Best Line: “I hate parties. No one ever enjoys themselves at parties.”

Social Context: If you really like a movie, write a shitty version of it and sell it to a movie producer as an original creation.

Summary: Annie Hall was such a hit in the late 70s that studios started green-lighting all kinds of quirky love stories about independent and lonely adults. All of these films created the yuppies of the 80s and led to much fallout later on. Some of these movies were actually good. This one, Something Short of Paradise, was not.

Let’s not even mention that I’m so fucking not in the mood for a quirky love story right now and just skip to the fact that this movie has a shitty-weak script with minimal laughs and little to no character development. David Steinberg, who at one time was a mildly famous standup comedian and nowadays is still well regarded as a director and funny man, stars as the Woody Allen type guy. He meets Susan Sarandon at a party. She is the independent girl who dresses like a hobo. They fall in love, then they fall out of love, then they get back in love. Along the way, some stuff happens and a bunch of shitty background music is heard. Then there is more shitty idealistic 70s talk about love and relationships. Then it ends. Fuck this movie. Susan Sarandon looks like a fucking homeless person with nipples.

Poster and Box Art A guy in glasses, a woman who dresses frumpy.

Availability: Yes. This movie is probably only on DVD because Sarandon walks around without a bra on under her shirt for half the movie. Apparently that used to be sexy. Netflix.

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