CRYPT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1973) Super shitty print of super shitty movie about "Vampire Island"

cryptliving_usposterTheme Song: No.

Interesting Dated References: Me regretting starting this project.

Best Line: “You’re accusing him of Paganism or worse … .”

Social Context: No.

Summary: Let’s not even talk about how dark and shitty the print of this film is. Chris Bolton, played by some guy who looks like John Holmes, goes to visit the cleverly-named “Vampire Island” to find out why his dad got dead.

Then there’s a bunch of dark scenes, a lot of stuff that might be scary but just looks dark on the screen, and a bunch of fishermen delivering non-prophetic mumbo-jumbo about “curses” and “vampires.”

Chris forces natives to move the large tomb that crushed his dad and in the process he awakens Hannah, the 700-year-old vampire queen. She goes around killing people, Chris gets advice from a blind sailor, lots of shitty music happens, then the vampire woman is killed. Then they show some kids playing around and it is revealed one of the little girls is a vampire. I wonder if this was to leave the door open for a sequel.

Poster and Box Art The theatrical poster for this had a nice, spooky illustration that really doesn’t have much to do with the movie. Well it sort of does, because at one point the John Holmes character guy references how Hannah the vampire also changed into a wolf, but you never see that shit. This film was also marketed under the name Hannah, Queen of the Vampires:


This is actually a pretty nice poster, but appears to be after the initial theatrical run. Judging by the space at the bottom of the poster, it must be when the movie was playing dinky little theaters in cities. This is a very good poster and a way better title for the movie, considering there was no reason to evoke the name of “the living dead” in the title since they could have just used the word “vampires.”

Availability: This movie has fallen into public domain and is in a record number of VALUE MOVIE PACKS. That of course means it is a shitty print. There is an individual DVD release of this under a different title, but it’s probably just as shitty of a print.