ALL THE WAY BOYS (1972) Another Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer movie from Italy.

alltheway_usposterTheme Song:

“Flying Through The Air” by Guido De Angelis. This song is totally awesome.

Interesting Dated References: Exploiting natives.

Best Line: Poorly-dubbed gibberish.

Social Context: It’s a buddy comedy. Those never have any social context except to highlight the rising trend of homoerotic cinema in the world.

Summary: In the 70s there was a comedic duo consisting of Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer. They did almost 20 films together and were known as “The Trinity Boys,” a name that was taken from the duos most famous series of Westerns all with the word Trinity in the title (Just Call me Trinity, Trinity Rides Again, You Call Me Trinity They Call Me Renegade, Trinity Hits The Road, Trinity In Trouble Again, Trinity Is Back Again, All The Way Trinity). They were huge in Spain and Italy. These films never made much of a splash in the United States though, but there was an attempt to gain an audience here once the video cassette market exploded. As a result, a lot of the films starring this duo were seen in America.

Hill (the good looking one) and Spencer (the brute) walk around Italy and get in fistfights for like the first fifteen minutes. Then we get a little bit of plot. Well, it seems like plot in that it involves the duo enlisting in some type of pool tournament. The overdubs in the movie are terrible and I can totally tell I’m losing something in the translation. Of course, knowing nothing about this duo’s film history doesn’t help.

After the pool game, the duo goes flying in a plane. Yes, this movie has an airplane theme. They appear to be couriers of some sort, but not of anything interesting like heroin or collectible coins. Then they crash, and in the very next scene it’s a month later. It appears they crashed on purpose in order to find something or con someone out of something but I really can’t tell what’s going on. None of these Italian comedies ever translate well.

So then the duo gets in another fistfight. They are trying to set up some type of import/export scam and are in some jungle area. They buy a plane, fix it up, and start delivering beer to the local people who apparently can’t get beer or ice cream. Then there’s a bunch more flying, some injured kid who needs to be taken to a hospital, and some type of villain guy who has a really early mullet. Then there’s another fistfight where a parrot says, “All the way boys!,” about a dozen fucking times.

Poster and Box Art: Italian movie posters are always awesome. Consisting of action paintings well into the late 70s, they usually are very impressive and interesting to look at. This one is no exception. Although the image of two dudes in mid-action, floating above a bunch of people getting into fistfights doesn’t really hold any artistic merit, it still makes you laugh.

Availability: A DVD is available. As to the quality of the print, or if it’s even in English, I don’t know.

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  • where can i download this song Flying Through The Air” by Guido De Angelis ?

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