The Betamax Rundown was started by Billy Stunt Rock in October of 2006, with the intent being to review and analyze a personal library of over 1300 Betamax tapes. The Betamax Rundown was to be updated weekly until all movies were represented. Of course that schedule has proven way too difficult for someone who spends the majority of his time drowning in debt and thinking about what life will be like after he’s dead. As a result, The Betamax Rundown is updated sporadically, sometimes every week for months on end, only to vanish again for months. Comments, criticism, and encouragement may be directed to: srock [at] addictrecords [dot] com

Billy Stunt Rock is the author of The Betamax Rundown. A collector of many insecurities and social disorders, The Betamax Rundown allows him the opportunity to work through these issues while at the same time sharing his vast collection of films with the general public. When not watching movies,he enjoys making music no one will ever hear and producing drawings no one will ever see.

Steve Bullyhuff is the proofreader and fact-checker of The Betamax Rundown. An elitist snob with little social couth, Steve is finally glad to be getting use out of the English Minor he earned so many years ago. When he’s not fixing drunken typos, he enjoys playing rock music.